I was a Buddhist Nun - Esther Baker

 God's Smuggler cover"Suddenly I found myself, with my shaven head and dark brown robe, running down to the traditional Anglican church in the nearby village.  I thought..."I've got to talk to somebody.  I've got to understand what is happening to me"

Esther's early years, with her parents and brother, were not easy.  Both parents ridiculed Christianity so Esther grew up an atheist.  After studying horticulture at college she received an honours diploma, for which she had studied extremely hard, as she couldn't bear to fail.  This was what she had worked for and yet she was suddenly aware of an emptiness.  After an initial thought of "So what?", she began a search for something to fill the void and this led her to Buddhism.

Esther is now with a Christian missionary organisation in Thailand working with former Buddhists.  Read this fascinating story as Esther journeys from atheism to Buddhism before finally finding Jesus.

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God’s Smuggler – The Story of Brother Andrew and Open Doors

God's Smuggler coverThis is the story of Brother Andrew who, when he was converted, gave his life over to God.  Raised in a small town in the Netherlands he became a young soldier in the 2nd World War.  Badly injured in the leg he was invalided out of the war but while in hospital he began to read a bible and he found God there.

The story of his conversion, his absolute trust in God to literally provide all his needs through Bible College in Glasgow and his realisation of the terrible plight of Christians in Communist countries make compelling reading.  From smuggling bibles in to Eastern Europe and Russia, Open Doors has grown into an international mission with headquarters in many countries.  Because of the fall of Communism the focus is now on the Middle East where Christians are so desperately in need of support. 

This book will open your eyes to what is possible when one young man is truly trusting God minute-by-minute.

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