Lettings Enquiry

Interested in hiring one of our facilities? Check them out here

The main place we let out is our community hall. Here's more details about renting this:

  • The rate is £20 per hour per room
  • You get half an hour free set up time before and clear up time after
  • Free car parking
  • We don't take bookings for Sundays, as it's used all day by the Church
  • If you're preparing food, please can this be cold food only

We can let other rooms in the main Church building, but please fill in the form below so we can discuss this with you.

To ask about hiring a facility, please fill in the form below. We aim to get back to you within 5 working days as this is run by volunteers. If it's urgent, please call 0117 329 4930. Conditions apply to booking the hall which will be sent to you.


While Headley Park Church will consider all bookings requested - including those from other charities, political parties, pressure groups and the like - confirmation of any booking does not necessarily demonstrate support for, or allegiance to, any third parties. We reserve the right to refuse lettings to organisations or groups whose stated aims conflict with those of our own charity.