Chapter 8 verses 10 to 15

Chapter 8 verses 10 to 15Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Posted by Neil Todman

Read 2 Corinthians 8 verses 10 to 15.

In the first nine verses of this chapter, Paul considered how a rich generosity is a gracious outworking of the gospel in the lives of believers.  As we sacrificially give to those in desperate material need it is a picture of the self-giving love that took Jesus to the cross to rescue us in our desperate spiritual need.  Giving gives the one who gives an opportunity to grow more like their Saviour.  That’s why Paul calls it grace!  Only the Spirit of God can make us more like Jesus.

In these verses, Paul looks at three other dimensions of godly giving: desire, devotion and dependence.

Verses 10 to 12 focus on the desire to give.  When the believers in Corinth rejected Paul and the gospel he preached, they lost their desire to make good on the promises they had made the previous year to help the poor in Judea.  Now they are back in fellowship Paul expects them to have an “eager willingness” to contribute to the collection.  The acceptability of the gift would not depend on the amount given, which would inevitably vary according to their means, but the willingness of the heart behind it.

Verses 13 and 14 both underline Paul’s goal in collecting this gift is equality between the Christians inside and outside of Judea.  They are one family in Christ.  The predominantly Jewish believers in Judea would benefit materially from the predominantly Gentile believers in Asia.  This type of devotion between Jews and Gentiles was unthinkable before Christ’s death brought believers from all nations together as one.

Verse 15 shows that both in times of plenty and in times of need, there are opportunities for believers to learn greater dependence upon Jesus.  If we have more than we need, we should be actively looking for opportunities to give.  If we have less than we need, we should be actively praying for Jesus to supply our needs.  In both situations, we are showing we love, trust, and find comfort in Christ more than we love, trust and find comfort in money.


Jesus said we cannot love God and money (Matthew 6:24).  How does your life show the desire, devotion and dependence Paul wrote about here?