Friday Night for Children and Young People

Friday Night for Children and Young PeopleFriday 18th October 2019

Posted by Simon D

Club - Yr3 to Yr6
This runs from 7pm-8pm every week of term time.  Subs are £1.50 and there is a tuck shop where the children can spend up to another £1.50.  Whether you've been part of Club before, been on a waiting list or never heard of it until now, you're welcome to come down on the 13th to register your child and look forward to a peaceful hour for you every Friday!  Unlike previous years we will run the registration process alongside a normal Club night so drop the kids off and then follow the on-site instructions to register them for the year.  We realise that phones are a part of life, but they certainly aren't needed and don't add to the experience of Club.  If they could be left at home for that hour that would be great.

Epic - Yr7 to Yr8/Fusion - Yr9 to Yr12
Epic and Fusion run from 8pm-9:30pm every Friday.  Subs are £2 and up to £1.50 can be spent in the tuck shop.  Epic meets in the lower hall of the main building while Fusion is in the community hall on the other side of the car park.  When you come on the first evening there will be a program for you to take with details of the term, including any trips out that we will do.