Training at HPC

Training at HPCWednesday 27th November 2019

Posted by Simon D

During this academic year we will be running a number of training courses on a range of topics and issues, both practical and theological.  Below you can find audio and resources and future courses will be added as they are completed.

Engaging with Culture

Phones and Social Media - audio, handout and powerpoint (sorry, the video watched in the session is unavailable)

Climate Change - audio, handout and powerpoint

Politics - audio, handout and powerpoint

Getting into the book of...

Daniel - audio and handout

Numbers - audio and handout

Ecclesiastes - audio and handout

Getting alongside a friend

Reading the bible one to one - audio and handout

Helping those with depression - audio and handout

Helping those who have been bereaved - audio (first 5 mins missing) and handout

Youth and Children's Work

Safeguarding - audio and powerpoint

What does Jesus require of us?  audio


Where do we get our Bible? - audio, powerpoint and handout

Sanctification - audio, powerpoint and handout

Transgender - powerpoint, handout and resources


The music training uses resources from Soveregin Grace Music that can be found here.

Enjoying God

The course is based on this book and these talks from Word Alive (purchase necessary)