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The new testament: Matthew

Salt and Light

Sunday 15th September 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 5:13-20

Phil Raine

What does the happy life look like?

Sunday 8th September 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 5:1-12

Neil Todman

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Sunday 14th July 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 4:12-25

Simon Dowland

Who is winning the battle for your heart?

Sunday 30th June 2019 (Evening)

Matthew 4:1-11

Neil Todman

How can I get to know Jesus?

Sunday 16th June 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 3:13-17

Simon Dowland

Why do I need to repent?

Sunday 9th June 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 3:1-12

Craig Stacey

Are you underestimating Jesus?

Sunday 2nd June 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 2:13-23

Sim Jemmet

How will you respond to the King?

Sunday 12th May 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 2:1-12

Pete Foster

Who is Jesus Christ?

Sunday 5th May 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 1:18-25

Simon Dowland

Jesus: is he your king?

Sunday 28th April 2019 (Morning)

Matthew 1:1-17

Neil Todman