Adventurers 2019 - Monday 22nd July to Friday 26th July, 9:30am to 3:30pm each day.

The books are now open!  To secure your child's place, please download the form from here, fill it in and post it through the church letter box which is at the top door up St Peter's Rise.  Please ensure you include an up to date email address as we will confirm your child's place by email.

A £20 deposit is required to reserve a place with the balance to be paid on the first day of Adventurers.  If you prefer, you can pay the full amount with the form.  We accept cash or cheques made payable to Headley Park Church.  All the prices are on the form.

We are aware that some schools will not have finished by the time Adventurers starts.  If this is you, we are sorry, but would still love to see you on any days you are free.  Just let us know when you can come and we will arrange a reduced price.

Stay tuned for news including themes and activities!  If you have any questions then please email Simon here.

What is Adventurers?

Adventurers began in 2007 as a way of getting to know families who lived close to the church building.  Over the years it has grown to take over 100 children and young people, mixing games, trips and onsite activities with engaging, age appropriate bible teaching.  Every year a team of Americans come from Briarwood Church, Alabama and for the young people who come back, seeing them is a real highlight.

The young people are divided into two groups - the Juniors (end of Yr2 to end of Yr5) and the Seniors (end of Yr6 to end of Yr8)  Both groups have an 'Adventure' each day, whether it be ice skating, bowling, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Blaise Castle or something else just as fun.  All the leaders are volunteers who go to the church and have been DBS checked and safely recruited.