We hold regular breakfast events, especially for Men of all ages and backgrounds.  For the bargain price of just £3, a Full English Breakfast will be followed by (we hope) an engaging talk. 

Our next breakfast event will be in September 2018.

Details will be added here in due course!


Summary of Selected Previous Breakfasts

HPC's very own Paul Andrew took to the front to explore the question:  “Does Rich + Famous + Sex = Happy?”  Drawing on his observations from Numerous Celebrities he has worked with over the years (who in varying capacities have included Chris Moyles, Robbie Williams, Jason Donovan and Kylie... and many more).           He helpfully paralleled what he has witnessed firsthand with the secret Bible story of the guy who tried Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll… (Hint: you can read about Solomon's "investigations" in Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)

We were joined by Professor Stuart Burgess from Bristol University.  He gave an engaging talk on the subject of intelligent design and where he sees the work of a designer in our world.  As Professor of Engineering Design, and with some 20 years experience in academia, he is extremely very well placed to show how the make up of our universe points to a creator God.

He outlined some of the amazing physical features and abilities of the human body that makes us unique within the animal kingdom, and which helps to disprove the popular theory that mankind has evolved from apes, or amoebas or bananas.  He also explained how our appreciation of music and the arts, our creative talents and grasp of complex language, for example, all points to the the fact that we have been Over-Designed - intended to be more than mere spear throwers, or just simply surviving to procreate.

Additionally, to find out more about him and his work, please follow this link.

Please click on the links below for information from other selected past breakfast events:

Emmaus Bristol, the Charity headed up by Dr Richard Pendlebury, our speaker from May 2014

Robert Hicks, Christian publisher - May 2013