Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

We have a series of events planned throughout the year especially for women. 

The aim of these is to bring together ladies of all ages, to meet socially, have fun together and to encourage one another in the joys and challenges we face as women. Our events are not exclusive to Christian women at the church, all are welcome, so if you are local to the church and would like to join us, we'd love to see you!



Our regular (and most popular!) event is a brunch every other month, where ladies get together over delicious food and hear from Christian women, just like you or me, about the joys and challenges they face in life and what has helped them most. 

NEXT BRUNCH: Saturday 9th June 2018 - 10-11.30am

Helping the Homeless, Holding out Hope

If you've walked through the centre of town, you won't have failed to notice the number of people sleeping on the streets. But what is being done to help men and women in this vulnerable situation? We will hear from Val Thompson of Crisis Centre Ministries, a Christian charity doing great things among Bristol's homeless through four vital projects. She'll give an overview of this work as well as speak specifically of her experience in managing the charity's women-only night shelter, Spring of Hope

We will also be supporting their work by collecting donations of items that are regularly needed to enable the ongoing services that Crisis Centre provides. If you are able, please bring one or two of the items below on the day:

Top 10 needed food items                                Other items
  1. Instant coffee                                           Sturdy shoes and boots (men's or women's)
  2. Sugar                                                         Sleeping bags
  3. Jam                                                            Women's pyjamas (new, especially sizes 8, 10, 12)
  4. Marmite
  5. Peanut butter                                          For less urgent items, see 
  6. Rice                                                           www.crisis-centre.org.uk/practical-items
  7. Tinned tomatoes
  8. Cooking sauces
  9. Black pepper
  10. Curry powder

brunch pastries


If you'd like to find out more about what Christians really believe or explore what a relationship with Jesus could mean for you, check out the I'm New and About Us sections for more information, or email this link. We have regular courses and events at the church for those investigating Christianity or can arrange for someone to meet with you and answer your questions. 

Who leads the Women's Ministry?

Women's Ministry at HPC is led by a team of five ladies - Rachel Andrew, Eleanor Hodges, Beth Raine, Sharon Jones and Tara Webster. For any information about events or what the church has to offer women, email this link and we will do our best to help. 

If you have any feedback, recommendations for events you'd like to see, or a request for a topic you'd like to hear about at a brunch, please email this link